Arby’s, founded in 1964, is the first nationally franchised sandwich restaurant brand with nearly 3,400 restaurants worldwide. The Arby’s brand purpose is to “inspire smiles through delicious experiences.” Arby’s delivers on its purpose by celebrating the art of Meatcraft with a variety of high quality proteins and innovative, craveable sides, such as Curly Fries and Jamocha shakes. Arby’s Fast Craft restaurant services feature a unique blend of quick serve speed combined with the quality and made for you care of fast casual. Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. is the franchisor of the Arby’s Brand and is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.




Smokin’ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

Smokin’ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich. A crispy all white meat chicken fillet topped with Chipotle BBQ sauce, pepper bacon, cheddar cheese and diced jalapenos on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato.

Arby's Crispy Chicken Cutlets
Copycat Recipe
3-4 Boneless and skinless chicken breasts
2 eggs (for dipping)
olive or vegetable oil (for frying)
crispy coating mixture (recipe follows)

Coating Mixture
1 cup Italian breadcrumbs
1 cup plain panko breadcrumbs
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon fresh thyme
1/3 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
salt and pepper (to taste)

My recommendation: Try to use fresh Parsley and thyme if possible - it DOES make a difference! The best way to mix these ingredients together is to measure each one into a ziplock type back. This method will allow you to zip up the bag and shake it all up!
Place coating mixture in a shallow dish. You will have something similar to an assembly line: chicken cutlets, then egg mixture, then coating mixture.

Slice each breast length-wise to create 2 cutlets for each breast. Take each cutlet and dip in the egg mixture, then press into coating mixture (press firmly on each side to assure that the coarse breadcrumbs sticks to the cutlet. Gently shake off excess gently and set aside on a seperate dish. Repeat this process for the remaining cutlets.

In a large skillet, pour enough vegetable (or Olive) oil to coat bottom of pan. Place skillet on Med-High heat and allow oil to heat up.

Fry each cutlet until golden brown (usually around 2-3 minutes on each side depending on thickness). Do NOT place cutlets in tinfoil as the heat from the cutlets will moisten the panko breadcrumbs and get soft. Place the cutlets on a paper towel for a minute or so to soak up any grease.

To make the sandwich:  you'll also need to douse some bacon with pepper and cook until done, BBQ sauce doused with a little hot sauce, slices of jalapeno peppers and Cheddar cheese.  Buy a good quality bakery bun to finish the dish.

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